Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Every Entry Matters …

… because this is the Internet! Yesterday my search for School Meals That Rock was featured on treehugger. That delivered a nice bump in traffic here to the blog … and helped to raise the number of School Meals That Rock Facebook fans to 95 (and counting!!). While those numbers are nice, they are not the most important reason to send in your entry for School Meals That Rock.

This is the most important reason: The other four links on treehugger to Kids,
Schools, and Food were all negative!!

Jamie Oliver Shows Kids What's In A Chicken Nugget

Two Angry Moms Taking on School Lunch

Illinois Teacher Pledges To Eat School Lunches Everyday

Are School Lunches Safe?

If we want positive news about School Meals That Rock, we have to put it out there. On Facebook, we now have gorgeous examples from seven states … with more going up every day.

To reach the goal of 250 School Meals That Rock by the end of the school year, I need YOUR help. Remember, we’re not looking for perfection, we are just looking to show Jamie Oliver and the world that the School Food Revolution is alive and WELL in the USA!!

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