Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teen-Pleasing High School Meals Rock in Rochester, New York

Debbi Beauvais, RD, SNS, Food Service Supervisor in the Gates Chili Central School District, Rochester, New York, has won awards for her school cafeteria makeovers.

And, according to her customers, it was worth the effort to serve popular high School Meals That Rock – 65 percent of students eat lunch in Beauvais’s Spartan Café. In a recent TV story, students comments prove that healthful can be popular with teens (Jamie Oliver are you listening?):

  • We can pick from salads, yogurts and parfaits and things that we want to eat.
  • They used to sell Mark’s Pizza here like everyday for lunch if you wanted it. Now you can get chicken and salads and like bagels, yogurt. Everything's really healthy for you here now.

What the students may not see is the work that goes into making the food nutritious. The pizza is made with 50-percent whole wheat flour and lower fat cheese, the tater tots are baked not fried and on any given day there are salads, fruits and other healthy choices among the 13 entree choices. You won’t find chips in the café and bottled water is the only ala carte item you can buy there.

Debbi Beauvais and her staff are clearly cooking up high School Meals That Rock in Rochester.

What are you cookin' up in your schools?

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