Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Louisiana Lunches Rock with a Healthy Twist on Traditional Foods

From Terrebonne Parish School District in Louisiana -- the first southern School Meal That Rocks. Thanks to Monica Walther, MS, RD, for submitted this wonderful example of putting a healthy twist on these traditional Louisiana favorites:

Lunch ladies rock and school meals, too. Terrebonne Parish provides healthy meals by adjusting traditional foods to be lower in fat and high in nutrition.

Brown Rice Jambalaya with low-fat Turkey Sausage

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

High Protein Field Peas

Steamed Corn

Fresh Fruit

1% Milk

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  1. As a student attending a Terrebonne Parish High School I can honestly say that this healthy "twist" on local cuisine is horrible and almost to the point of inedible. I am throwing half of the food on my plate. I am a 135 lb. male. I need to be gaining weight not starve to death at school. Don't even mention breakfast. The meat is disgusting.