Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking Action to Opimize School Meals for Our Children

For well over 100 years, we have know that school meals make good economic sense for children's individual health, as well as for the health and welfare of society as a whole. The issues were clearly outlined in a 1910 article in the New York Times magazine.

Change the prices to reflect today's economy - and very little has actually changed in the past century. Experts know that high quality school meals are critical for health and academic success - and legislators balk at committing the funds necessary to do the job right.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization (originally due to be addressed in 2009) was extended to 2010 and is now languishing in Congress as the August recess looms. While many argue about the ways that school meals need to be enhanced, there seems to be a lack of political will to actually appropriate the necessary funds.

If you believe that that optimal school meals need adequate funding, urge your senators and representative to take action NOW. Everyone who cares about kids, schools, and nutrition should be in close contact with Washington legislative offices NOW. Congress does have a lot on their plate this session, but that's no reason to leave kids with empty plates. The 2010-2011 USDA reimbursement rates (maximum of $1.76 for breakfast and $2.74 for lunch) are simply not adequate to continue the improvements that we all want to see.

Need help understanding the legislation or contacting YOUR folks in DC? There are plenty of sites that make it easy:

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