Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Rockin' Breakfast in Montana!

And, why are these kids working so hard? Because they are enjoying breakfast in the classroom in a Missoula County Public School in beautiful western Montana.

I've recently been working on a Marketing 101 course for the School Nutrition Foundation (more on this soon) - and interviewing school nutrition directors who have done a marvelous job of marketing. Valerie Addis in Missoula is one of those directors - always looking for new and better ways to help children get the nutrition they need to succeed in school - and in life.

With lots of support from administration and her school nutrition team, Valerie has rolled out an impressive universal (free to all students) breakfast in the classroom program in four elementaries and 1 middle school. In those five schools, 95 percent of students eat breakfast at their desks - getting fuel to help them focus all morning long. You can read more about breakfast in classroom, other alternative types of breakfast service, and Valerie's impressive success on the Western Dairy Association's Breakfast page.

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