Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eat ... Play ... Rest ... REPEAT

I was lucky enough to spend New Year's Day 2012 on Treasure Cay beach in the Bahamas - starting with a long barefoot walk in the sand. It gave me lots of time to think about the futility of most resolutions and the simplicity of living healthfully. For me, it all comes down to three steps: Eat, play, rest ... repeat.  Thus, a new look, a new theme, and a new focus on the simple things for lifelong health ... 

Enjoy a mindful eating style – built on a foundation of balanced, regular meals and snacks. Any nutrient-rich plate starts with healthy servings of colorful fruits and/or vegetables, adds the goodness of whole grains, and includes the power of protein. Eating well deserves really refreshing beverages – drink ice-cold milk with meals and refreshing water with snacks.

The key to getting active and staying active at any age is enjoyment. When you play hard and have fun, you are more likely to make physical activity an everyday habit. Both children and adults need plenty of active ‘playtime,’ at least 30 to 60 minutes a day of walking, dancing, biking, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, or your favorite ball game.

Surveys show that most of us do not get enough sleep, which can contribute to both physical and emotional stress. Getting enough sleep (7 to 8 hours for adults, more for kids) improves overall health and better mental performance at work and/or school. For a positive outlook and a balanced lifestyle, make a good night’s sleep, as well as daytime down time (meditation, yoga, etc.), a top priority every day. 


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