Friday, December 10, 2010

What I got to do on Wednesday!

On Wednesday, I worked with all these wonderful people on an upcoming video about making mealtimes pleasant in childcare settings: Pass the Peaches, Please

From left to right, this is Tay and Sam the video guys (MSU students), me, Molly from MT Team Nutrition (the director), and the WONDERFUL ladies from the ASMSU Day Care Center in Bozeman: Teacher Robyn and Director Mary.

This childcare center is wonderful in every way. Their meal service illustrate the absolute best in family style meals for children, which why we filmed Pass the Peaches, Please there!

More on the when it is ready for distribution ... which will be far and wide! For now, just a few shots of the table, the delicious meal (sweet and sour chicken, jasmine rice, mixed veggies, pears, whole grain bread, and pour-your-own milk), and the super sweet cleaner-upper!!

This was pretty much the most fun that I get to have "at work"!!

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