Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fit Kids = Happy Kids: Be active by playing together inside and outside.

When Eat Right Montana created this FIT KIDS = HAPPY KIDS handout in 2004 (to go with our FIT KIDS = HAPPY KIDS poster), it was hard to decide whether the first tip should be about eating together or playing together. As you can see, we put the physical activity tip first - which I think was the best decision then and now.

While I am a dedicated foodie and nutritionist - when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight for kids, I actually think that active play is the place to start. Becoming more active - especially 'green,' outdoor activity - directly benefits children's bodies, brains, and behavior.

I believe that active play also promotes positive eating habits - because physical activity naturally helps maintain the natural signals of hunger and satiety. And, what better way to take care of those signal than with delicious family meals! So, on to my favorite topic in the the whole nutrition world ... Making family meals a special time to eat together.

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  1. Studies have also proven that active and physically fit children will perform better academically. Like what you've said it directly benefits children's bodies, brains, and behavior.
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