Monday, January 24, 2011

Play and Enjoy ... Winter Family Fun

To be strong and healthy, kids need both nutrient-rich foods (like that yummy breakfast parfait!) and plenty of physical activity. Even in the winter, it’s fun to get outside and do things together. Expand your winter fun with this list of activities.


1. Toss a snowball: Gentle tosses and hard throws can help build arm strength.

2. Build a snow family: Build one for each member of your family -- to size.

3. Build a snow fort: When the snow is solid, cut blocks for forts or igloos.

4. Shovel some snow: Make it a family activity or help a neighbor.

5. Sled down a hill: Big or small hill, get warm going back up for another run.

6. Tube down a hill: No sled, no problem. Take a wild ride on an inner tube.

7. Ski across country: XC-skiing is free (once you have equipment) and fun.

8. Skate across the ice: Grab some skates and check out the local outdoor rinks.

9. Snowshoe on a trail: Got small kids? Put them in a sled to pull behind you.

10. Make a snow angel: Any fresh snowfall is just right for snow angels.


However you like to move, just do it! Choose something that you and the kids enjoy. Research shows that people stick with the activities that they like to do.

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