Monday, August 23, 2010

What does a Tipping Point feel like?

When I started this blog six months ago, Jamie Oliver's 'revolution' was on the tip of every foodie's tongue and the school lunch bashers were on a very crowded bandwagon.

Fast-forward to back-to-school 2010 - and the good news about school meals is busting out all over! Thanks to strong media interest and an even stronger effort by child nutrition professionals to get out the positive stories - the focus has shifted to the multiple innovations and school food heroes (often unsung) who are doing the right thing in districts, small and large, in every state in the USA.

You can check out success stories on the School Nutrition Association's new website Tray Talk - and on my ongoing Facebook collection at School Meals That Rock. You can read about them in your local newspaper and in the New York Times.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization has been a big part of the discussion - and it needs to stay on the front burner. While the unanimous passage in the Senate was something to celebrate (read Richard Lugar's excellent Op-Ed in the New York Times for a truly bi-partisan view), the House is going to have to work fast and furiously to get their version passed when they get back after recess.

Keep the good news coming - they need to hear it ALL in Washington!

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