Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farm-to-Cafeteria ... Engaging Kids from the Ground Up

From Detroit ...

... listening and learning about innovative strategies that connect children to the food they eat and the people - including themselves - who grow it.

As always, I am impressed by how excited young (and old) people get about touching the food they eat ... in the garden and in the kitchen.

I am more and more convinced that growing and cooking food is an essential piece of creating nutrition solutions for children ... from Michigan to Montana. We so often to hear that kids "won't eat healthy foods" ... and yet when they grow it or cook it, they certainly eat it.

Yesterday, we ate it too! The lunch at the conference featured dishes from winning entries in the Cooking Up Change 2010 National Healthy Cooking Contest. My favorite ... a Baby Spinach and Pear Salad with Carrot Vinaigrette from the Tohono O'odham Community Action Cooking Club.

They planned it, the hotel staff cooked it, and we loved it!

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