Thursday, April 8, 2010

Colonial School District (Deleware) Rocks with Whole Grains

Colonial School District in Delaware: Providing healthy choices to fuel great minds for improved academic achievement!

Alisha Jacobson, RD, and Paula Angelucci clearly live by the state motto of Delaware is It’s Good Being First, being the first to answer the challenge of school meals that rock.

You GO, Alisha and Paula!

  • Variety of salad platters offered daily with low fat or fat free dressings
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable options abound! Students may choose from a variety of fresh fruits offered daily, 100% fruit juice, side salads offered as an alternative to hot veggies at the middle/high schools, a bag of baby carrots in K-5 schools
  • Milks are all low fat with either 1% or 1/2% varieties
  • Lowered fat content with low fat cream cheese, fat free sour cream, low fat or part skim cheeses on sandwiches/pizzas, and completely eliminated trans fats from all foods including snacks
  • NO FRYERS in any kitchens
  • Most bread products are whole wheat including all sandwich rolls, hamburger rolls, hot dog rolls, etc. Bread and Hoagie rolls are either wheat or white/wheat blend.

Kudos and congratulations … Wisconsin (Live Like You Mean It) will be posted tomorrow!!


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